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Umpire & Scorers Courses

Young Cricket Officials

This programme is aimed at giving 13-18 year olds the key skills and confidence to umpire and score a cricket game. It's completely free, and involves face to face training where you learn how to umpire and score, before putting it into practice by playing matches.

You’ll then be ready to go back to your club or school and put these new skills into practice, and then be offered chances at festivals and tournaments where you will be mentored and supported. It’s perfect for any 13-18 year old who wants to learn more about cricket, help out at their local club/school, or learn some valuable skills to use towards a volunteering scheme (such as Duke of Edinburgh).

Upcoming courses

Saturday 2 March, 2-5pm, William Perkin School (UB6 8PR).
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Sunday 3 March, 4-7pm, William Perkin School (UB6 8PR).
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Scorers Courses

The Middlesex ACO organise a number of Scorer courses throughout the winter, aimed at anyone wanting to be scoring on a regular basis through to those who want to progress to the top level. The Basic Scoring course is a free online course, and is run alongside face-to-face courses such as Introduction to Scoring, Play-Cricket Scorer App, Ready Steady Score, and Club Scorer. Should you wish to progress further, then you will need to become an official member of the Middlesex ACO.

Basic Scoring (free online course)

This free entry level course is designed to provide you with all the skills needed to start scoring. You don’t need any prior knowledge of scoring to participate/ The course covers the basics of scoring a game of cricket such as scoring symbols, umpire signals, dismissals and gives a helpful overview of the Laws of the Game. Register here.

Click here for information on the rest of the various Scorers courses.

Umpire Courses

The Middlesex ACO usually run a number of courses for umpires over the close season. For more information on the types of courses offered, and the required booking links, please click here.

ACO Introduction to Umpiring

Whatever your aspirations, this free 2½ hour introduction to umpiring will give any cricket enthusiast curious about becoming an umpire a taste of what the role entails. The course is not overly technical and is an ideal starter covering the more common Laws so that with greater confidence you can umpire a local cricket match or a match in which you are a player.

There are currently no upcoming courses - please contact Ned

ECB Umpire Course

To join the umpire pathway you must attend this course. No prior experience of umpiring in cricket is required. Whether you plan to support junior softball cricket through to adult cricket, this course is designed to give new umpires the key skills, knowledge and confidence to stand as an umpire in cricket.

This course covers the following topics:

This is a full day course preceded by 90 minutes of online modules.

This course costs £70.

Upcoming courses

Sunday 7 January 2024, 9-4. Middlesex Cricket Indoor School (N3 2TA).
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Sunday 21 January 2024, 12-7. Wilf Slack Cricket Centre, William Perkin School (UB6 8PR).
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ACO Umpire Extension Course

This course is ideal for those wishing to become the best umpire they can and an essential part of your development as a competent club umpire or becoming a member of a league panel.

This 3 day course will significantly expand your understanding of the Laws of cricket and your ability to analyse and apply league match regulations. It is likely that in league and various cup competitions in Middlesex it will be a requirement that the umpire has completed this course.

This course costs £15.

Upcoming courses

Sunday 25 February, 10 March and 24 March 2024, Bushy Park Sports Club (TW11 0AN)
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Sunday 3 March, 17 March and 7 April 2024, William Perkin School (UB6 8XG)
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Information around the other courses on offer are announced on the Middlesex ACO website.

Still unsure? Please contact Ned on [email protected] who will be happy to help.